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Experience vision without borders with contact lenses. At Northern Lights Eyecare, we have a wide selection of brands to help you find the best fit for your eyes. 

Contact lenses can provide you with more freedom and flexibility to see and do the things you love. Whether you’re looking for clear vision on the football field or all-day eye hydration, we have contact lenses for you. Book your fitting today!

What Should I Expect?

Generally speaking, finding the right contact lenses is a 3-step process: the exam, the measurement, and the trial period. 

The Exam

You’ll start with a comprehensive contact lens exam to look for any issues that could impact your ability to wear contact lenses. Because contact lenses sit directly on your eye, you’ll need a slightly different prescription which we can update during this exam. 

The Measurement

Once your exam is complete, your optometrist will measure your eyes to ensure your contacts fit properly. This involves precise measuring of your cornea with non-invasive technology. Depending on the measurements, we may need to customize your contact lenses to your eye shape.

The Trial

Now that the preliminary work is finished, it’s time to start trying contact lenses! 

We’ll provide you with our recommendations based on the results from your exam and measurements. We’ll also help you practice inserting and removing the lenses, and make sure they fit your eyes. You’ll be able to try out your lenses of choice for about a week at work and home to see if they’re right for you.

Specialty Contact Lenses

Contact lens technology is constantly evolving to provide better, more diverse options for patients with differing vision needs. At Northern Lights Eyecare, we offer a variety of specialty contact lenses to help you see clearly and comfortably without the limits of glasses.

Scleral contact lenses are larger than regular contact lenses and sit on the sclera (white of your eye) instead of the cornea. This creates a fluid reservoir between the lens and your cornea. Scleral lenses are often prescribed for:

Aspheric contact lenses are characterized by a non-spheric shape to prevent image distortion. These lenses are often prescribed for:

Multifocal contact lenses have 2+ prescriptions built into them to help people see clearly at varying distances. These are often prescribed for:

Toric contact lenses are specifically designed to correct vision issues caused by astigmatism.

MiSight contact lenses designed to slow the progression of myopia in young kids. Learn more on our Myopia Control page.

Experience Vision Without Borders

You can experience clear, comfortable vision without glasses, and we’re here to help! Book a contact lens exam with our team today to find the best fit for you.

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Getting Access to Quality Eye Care

Your vision is a gift, and you need to take care of it. Here at Northern Lights Eyecare, we believe access to eye care is essential to your quality of life. To make our care more accessible, we’re proud to work with insurance providers to provide direct billing. That way, you and your family can spend more time experiencing life and less time worrying about payments.

Our Brands

Comfort and quality meet when considering our frames and lens brands. From stylish looks to frames built for utility, your lifestyle plays a significant role in deciding which eyeglasses are right for you. Our team is trained to help you find the exact right frames to suit your distinct personality and daily needs while remaining comfortable and long-lasting.

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